Why I do what I do…

718_2.jpgSacred Image Productions has been in the making from my childhood. I have always loved a good story. I would get all wrapped up in the deep layers of overlapping lives and found so much pleasure in finding what made people who they are. My mind would wander for hours as it played out the visual details of crisp winter forests, evenings around the campfire or sand baking in the sun lapped by a glass blue sea. And even though my life has taken many unexpected twist and turns, I still find light there. It still illuminates my soul to connect with someone’s story and experience a piece of the heartache and joy that has molded them. I believe that if we really looked closely at one another, we’d see the same stories in ourselves, just a different hue.


 Contact Info: Miranda Pheifer   /  804-499-9165 /   mirpheifer@gmail.com